Return of Gaia

Return of Gaia © Lisette Costanzo

Title: Return Of Gaia

Medium: Graphite pencil and acrylic paint on stonehenge paper.

(original not for sale – prints are available upon request)

Artist Statement

Gaia, the Great Primordial Mother; the creator and giver of birth to the universe, meditates while she brings our Earth into being.

Gaia was the first. She is the Primordial Mother Goddess, Creator and giver of birth to all the universe, time and space. In ancient times she was worshipped as the primal universal life force that flows through all living things. All things come from Gaia and Gaia is within all things. Her breath is your breath; your flesh is her flesh; her heart beat is your heart beat; and when you love – Gaia rejoices. The significance of the title “Return of Gaia” is not to give the impression that Gaia had somehow vanished, but rather that the importance of the Divine Feminine be reawakened in our hearts and minds, and that the social status of women everywhere be once again a status of reverence. In this image we see Gaia in her final stages of creating the Earth – a stage also named by scientists “Pangaea”. At this stage when the Earth was new, all of the continental plates were one. This demonstrates a symbolic healing, rebirth and unity in our own lives; a shedding of oppressing ideologies; and a return to the “womb state” where we are nourished, protected and at peace. This drawing bridges the art world and the world of science. It is a celebration of all that is beautiful and inspiring in this universe; Astronomy, Anatomy, Biology, Biochemistry, Birth, Biophysics, Classics, Earth Science, Health Science, History, Languages, Metaphysics, Motherhood, Music, Philosophy, Poetry, Women’s Studies and Visual Arts. Every topic of every subject that we can possibly fathom can be linked to this image. Gaia shows us that we are all a part of a greater whole, fluidly crossing in and out of boarders with creativity.  ~ Lisette Costanzo

  1. Julia Ortega Castellano
    Julia Ortega CastellanoMarch 28, 2015

    a lot of fantastic words on Gaia, the feminity power and how all have magic across in the universo, sorry me english is very small but I say you what your text is wonderful.

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